Biodiversity for a Livable Climate

November 15th, 2014

Biodiversity for a Livable Climate was founded in 2013 by Jim Laurie, Karl Thidemann, Helen D. Silver, Jane Hammer and Adam Sacks.  We saw an urgent need to expand the climate conversation to include the seriously underestimated positive impacts of the biosphere on the climate and physical world.  We see how appropriate human approaches to nature may be able to reverse the effects of global warming despite our inability to date to reduce emissions in a timely manner.  Our goal is to contribute to planetary regeneration through research, education, collaboration and action to restore essential global biodiversity.

The Soil Carbon Alliance is a network supporting and connecting people all over the planet who are taking direct action to increase the amount of carbon-rich organic matter in their own soils. Farmers, ranchers, grassroots groups and citizens worldwide are demonstrating the enormous benefits of building soil carbon and soil life, and the combined solutions for challenges of climate change and degradation of the biosphere.

We are also committed to informing and educating policymakers in the value of eco-restorative methods to repair landscapes and water cycles, and by demonstrating the reductions in atmospheric greenhouse gases that result from putting these methods in practice, we seek to change the climate conversation to a hopeful and constructive one.

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