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December 4th, 2006

All of us live in many different worlds, some of which intersect or overlap with the worlds of others. Over time, we gravitate toward those situations (realities, experiential contexts) that most appeal to us, and try to avoid those we find distasteful or dangerous.

My goal in these pages is to create a mental map of my worlds, in a form that is both creative and functionally useful, as well as providing a record of my experience and my thinking. It is also designed to allow for the assignment of priority rankings, categories, and commentaries. Leonardo da Vinci had many notebooks, devoted to different subjects, where he laid out an astonishing array of analyses, diagrams, inventions, and artistic expression. With the tools available to us on the Internet, all of us can do this today in a way that combines the production of creative content with immediate public dissemination – bypassing the costs and delays involved in traditional publishing.

In need of serious revision (9/18/07).

Of course this map keeps changing. My main focus (as of 4/29/07) is the development of the Sustainable Business Incubator (login required – contact me if you’re interested) and the Sustainable Business Network (see, amongst others, I am also continuing to foster my Agel business; working with Loan Liu ( on local-search Internet marketing; and looking at restarting both the Online311 effort, on a localized basis, and as a trading platform. I have transferred many of my domains to a shared platform, and am ready to look further at setting up my own hosting service and email servers. Long overdue. Also trimming down the numbers of personal domains I’m managing…

Here are a few of my worlds as they stood when I started this list (9/26/06):

  • Web development & Internet consulting (inc. services for hire)
  • Personalized hosting
    • Client sites
      • Woodmont Press
      • Associated Auto Parts
      • Appliancemaster (.com and .net)
      • Corfacts Online
      • LEW Corp
  • Application development and deployment
    • Data synchronization
    • Project management
      • LEW Corp (completed)
    • Customer Support Systems
      • Queplix QueWeb (joint venture partner)
    • Online 311 (citizen request management)
  • Web design and development
    • Personal sites
    • Company sites
    • Client sites
  • Our original low-end web site: (soon to be discontinued, 4/29/07, but will remain at
  • Sustainable Technologies & Enterprises
  • Real Estate Development and Construction
  • Contact Development and Construction –
    • 38 Church Street, Liberty Corner, NJ –
    • 222 North Arlington Avenue, East Orange, NJ
    • 19 Krenkel Court, Flemington, NJ
  • Agel and Network Marketing (discontinued – links don’t work)
  • A Team NJ – (currently forwarded to

    • Files –
    • FAQs –
  • Agel page
  • (and
  • FFI (discontinued)

Agel and network marketing have become an increasingly important part of my life since October of 2006, when Marie Eisele introduced me to the company. I’ve always been both fascinated and repelled by network marketing – fascinated by the model and repelled by its failures – but Agel struck me as having all the ingredients for success. My intention is to create a blog at the ATeamNJ site to share my experiences with it. (Note added 1/1/07)

  • Business Networking
  • Gateway Regional Chamber of Commerce
  • SHBN
  • Somerset Hills Business
  • Somerset Hills Online
  • Network Plus
  • Sustainable Business Network
  • Organizational Memberships
    • NJTC
  • Politics & Community
  • Personal Reflection
  • Sexuality
  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Business Development
  • Web hosting
  • IT subcontracting
  • Consulting
  • Project management
  • Business incubator
  • Venture Capital Research
  • Business Assistance
  • Sustainable Business Incubator
  • Virtual Incubator
  • Serious Games
  • The Democracy Game

My personal mission, as I identified it during a guided meditation at Life Directions, is to create organizations to bring energy, light, and prosperity to the world.

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